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Child Abuse

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Child abuse is one of the most traumatic, scarring and painful experiences a person can go through. This is true for both the abused child as well as the parents or guardians of the child. Following child abuse, molestation or sexual abuse the victim may never fully recover emotionally, physically and psychologically. The experience can haunt them for years and impact their lives on numerous levels. While seeking legal recourse after such a traumatic event, or period of event, may not be your top priority it is important to note than your child, and the parents, have rights that need to be protected. Maryland personal injury law may entitle the victim(s), and their families, to benefits and financial compensation for their injuries, medical and therapy expenses, pain and emotional suffering. If your child, or you, have been the victim of child abuse or child sexual abuse in Maryland you may qualify for benefits and financial compensation. Please let Maryland child abuse attorney Tom Kemp analyze your claim free of charge and determine any and all forms of benefits and compensation you are entitled to. He charges no fees if he is unable to obtain compensation on your behalf. Please email him here, dial (410) 398-0910 or visit @elktonpersonalinjurylawyers

Located in Cecil County, MD Mr. Kemp serves injured and abused children across Maryland including Anne Arundel County, Baltimore, Carroll County, Charles County, Cecil County, Frederick County, Harford County, Kent County, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, Wicomico County & Worcester County, MD.

Where Child Abuse Can Occur In Maryland

Many people think that child abuse takes place in the home. While that may be true it does not comprise the majority of child abuse cases. Many child abuse cases go unreported unfortunately and the child may endure the horrific ordeal for years. This can cause the child to feel a plethora of emotions such as guilt, shame and the feeling that this is their fault. 

Child abuse sometimes occurs in settings that should actually make your child feel protected, safe and secure. These can include:

Day cares

Foster care facilities

Juvenile detention centers

Residential care facilities

Recovery and sober living homes


Youth organizations

Religious organizations 

Signs of Child Abuse

Physical child abuse is easier to spot than emotional child abuse or child neglect. Physical child abuse can be detected by constant and unexplained bruising, broken bones, flinching upon normal physical contact and wearing inappropriate clothing such as long sleeves when it is hot outside. This is often done to cover up bruises, cuts or scratches. Defensive wounds are, such as random bruising on the forearms, are also common as indicative of the child putting their arms up to protect themselves.

Child neglect is not as easy to detect but child neglect can disrupt the emotional and psychological development just as physical abuse can. Signs of child neglect are wearing tattered and ill-fitting clothing, poor hygiene, untreated illness, untreated injuries, being left alone frequently and chronic, inexplicable absence from school. 

How A Maryland Child Injury Attorney Can Help If Your Child Has Been Victimized

A child is ill-equipped to deal with the plethora of ramifications that child abuse, and child sexual abuse, can present. The abuse may be so bad that they are afraid to share with anyone what is going on. Mr. Kemp is a former Assistant State’s Attorney who specialized in child and sexual abuse prosecution. As a prosecutor, Mr. Kemp dealt with numerous child victims of sexual and physical abuse and successfully prosecuted numerous criminal defendants and held them responsible for their crimes. He understands these cases and the trauma victims endure. He will do everything we can to protect your child’s rights, defend their rights and ultimately give your child hope again so that they can begin to move on. Call Attorney Tom Kemp as he has many years’ experience in handling child abuse plaintiff claims throughout Maryland including Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Cecil and Harford Counties.

Having a skilled and experienced child abuse attorney on your side is crucial for getting the benefits and compensation you and your child are entitled to. Contact Mr. Kemp’s law office today to discuss how we can help you and your child get through this very trying time.